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We Are Offering IN PERSON or REMOTE Healing, we also can bring the healing session to you (travel fee may be added depending on distance).. We are offering all of our workshops IN PERSON or ZOOM by request. I look forward to helping you along your path 🙏.!

Are you on a spiritual path, seeking deeper meaning in life or a journey to heal yourself, clear your old negative energy and get a fresh start on your life’s path?

I know life can be challenging or even throw us a curve ball at times! We encounter daily demands that can leave us feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed, unbalanced and ungrounded.

Personal issues often have a spiritual component, something incomplete or out of balance that creates problems for us. Everyday we are overwhelmed with different types of energy that attach themselves to us. This leads to breaking down our mind body and spirit which could lead to sicknesses.

With our Spiritual Healing sessions we can heal the underlying spiritual causes of our problems, we open the way to greater clarity, belonging, and change. Energy Healing might include clearing unwanted energies and limiting beliefs. Part of the healing involves restoring your connection to your soul essence that might have been hidden due to trauma, surgery, loss, grief, or illness.


Our Energy Healing Services:

I understand that everyone needs a different type of healing, that people heal along many different timelines and no two healings are exactly the same. As a spiritual and energy healer, I am able to channel the particular healing that one’s soul calls for. Whether you need healing from a death, divorce, emotional baggage, disease or just overall feeling in a slump – I can help improve your overall mental well-being through one of my IET or Reiki healing sessions.

IET / Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy is a hands-on healing therapy system that “gets the issues out of your tissues”…for good! It is a safe and gentle way of releasing energy blockages that can cause imbalance and disease in the body. IET promotes healing in all areas of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. An attribute of IET is that it is a quick and powerful method for clearing energy blockages in the 9 sets of Integration Power Points. You can Learn IET in our IET Classes we offer! BOOK ONLINE

Reiki / Energy Healing

Whether you seek physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing or clearing, my Reiki/Energy Healing sessions will help you to clear away negative energy, release emotional baggage and blocks, relieve your pain or symptoms of disease, and improve your overall health and well-being. You can Learn Reiki in our Reiki Classes we offer! BOOK ONLINE

Some benefits of Integrated Energy Therapy & Reiki Healing Sessions include:

• Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension

• Accelerate the body’s self-healing abilities

• Beneficial for children with ADHD, autism, and other special needs

• Aids better sleep

• Reduces blood pressure

• Supports healing of acute (injuries) and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches, etc.)

• Helps to relieve pain

• Supports the immune system

• Increases vitality and postpones the aging process

• Raises the vibrational frequency of the body

• Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing

• Complements any healthcare or wellness routine

Classes & Workshops

If you are looking for a place to join like-minded others on a spiritual path and further your education in spirituality, meditation or holistic healing, then you are invited to join and sign up for my Classes & Workshops. VIEW UPCOMING SCHEDULE

Spiritual Mediumship

Through my Spiritual Mediumship sessions, you will know that your loved ones are still conscious in spirit, bringing you closure and a sense of peace with their passing as well as confirmation for yourself that there is life after what we call “death”.

Intuitive Guidance

No matter what challenge you are facing or obstacle you are looking to overcome, my Intuitive Guidance sessions are always welcoming and non-judgemental. My #1 goal is to channel the most valuable and accurate Divine guidance and revelations from Spirit to nourish and propel you into the shift in consciousness you are being called to.

I believe that you were led to this website by Spirit and you can trust your intuition that you will find what you are seeking through one or more of these paths mentioned above.

I am excited to see you taking the next best step for the unfoldment of your spirit – you should be too!

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Customer Reviews

Matt Penner
Matt Penner
23:26 15 Oct 21
I took all three of Denny's IET certification classes. It was an amazing experience! He is much more than a teacher and... a healer. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and someone who genuinely cares about you. I highly recommend him.read more
brandi munro
brandi munro
19:15 19 Jun 21
We went to see Dennis for half hour reiki sessions. The environment is calm, quiet and so tranquil. The healing itself... was an amazing and different experience. We left feeling recharged with so much mental clarity. Dennis was professional, friendly and informative. We will definitely be booking more sessions.read more
Rochelle Rubinstein
Rochelle Rubinstein
21:10 29 May 21
I live in Winnipeg, Canada and had my first Reiki healing experience via long distance with Denny.Thanks for the... Energy reset. It’s been a week now and I am still experiencing a relaxed and calm inner self and have also become more focused.I am grateful for this experience. Thanks Denny.read more
Gail Rubinstein
Gail Rubinstein
17:58 08 Jan 21
I feel absolutely amazing! I slept like a baby after my session and I now go see Dennis twice a month and would never... miss my appointment! This has become a huge part of my selfcare routine!read more
Live City Guide Isaac
Live City Guide Isaac
23:32 26 Aug 20
Amazing teacher. Denny did a healing session on me, and I also went through all three IET classes. Very knowledgeable... and I learned so much from the experience. I highly recommend Denny for healing. He is very intuitive and can feel what your body needs and adjust accordingly. I also feel like I’ve grown so much from the experience. You will not regret having a session.read more
Linda Lee
Linda Lee
23:34 15 Mar 20
Denny is a true master of energy medicine. He knows what the body needs vibrationally and helps to lead it back into a... state of energetic homeostasis. I've had several healing treatments from him over this past year and he has a variety of ways to do this. I have done many of his IET sessions and Reiki sessions. Both IET and Reiki are powerful healing sessions with him.! He has plenty of Instruments that are incorporated into the session. I personally enjoy the sound healing bowls, one of my favorites!! All of which feel amazing, light and relaxing! I will continue to receive all my healing from Denny!!read more
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