DM Williams Spiritual Healing Mental Meditation BenefitsDo you feel tired, anxious, stressed out and on the brink of burning out? Due to the seemingly endless cycle of waking up, heading to work and only resting for a few hours before we have to do it all again, many of us feel exhausted before the day even begins. Not to knock down hard work, but now and then, your mind and body need a break. Putting yourself under too much stress can pose a health risk to you like developing a heart condition, a rise in your blood pressure/hypertension levels and even trigger the release of cortisol your blood which could lead to unhealthy weight gain. People have begun to look at different ways of reducing stress and relaxing and one of the methods that have become increasingly popular, because of the many benefits to your health is meditation. You may have heard of meditation or even practiced it a little but did you know it has several amazing health benefits you probably would’ve never guessed? DM Williams Spiritual Healing has outlined 5 of the top meditation benefits and how it does wonders for your health. If you haven’t hopped on board the meditation train, it’s not too late to join in.

5 Meditation Benefits

Meditation Improves your Focus: Among the main tenets of meditation is being present at the moment, forgetting about the past and encouragement to stop worrying about the future so it’s all about focusing your mind on now. If you meditate often, you’ll notice that you have sharper focus and can concentrate on tasks at hand, especially at work. It is so easy to get distracted these days by all the things around us both online and in our fast-paced environments which makes our response to stimuli delayed or absent. With the help of frequent meditation, you can train your mind to be more attentive and focused thus making you more receptive to external stimulation.

Meditation Helps Reduce Anxiety, Depression and Stress: One of the main reasons why a lot of people start meditation is to help reduce stress. Meditation helps suppress the release of stress hormones in our bodies and makes us more self-aware. If you meditate often you’re less likely to overwork yourself and face burnout. People who also suffer from the anxiety of any kind and are prone to panic attacks or mood swings can benefit a lot from meditation. Taking a few minutes to meditate every day can help reduce the density of grey matter associated with anxiety in the brain as it focuses on the medial prefrontal cortex to help you feel more emotionally stable. Meditation has been known to have similar effects with antidepressants, people who suffer from constant negative thoughts and depressive episodes including women who suffer from postpartum depression can benefit from the mood-stabilizing effects of meditation.

Meditation can help you Sleep Better: After a long day, it’s great to be able to lie down and fall asleep peacefully to recharge and get ready for a new day but falling and staying asleep can be a challenge for some of us. People who suffer from insomnia, fitful sleep, and other sleep-related disorders can benefit from meditations ability to relax your nerves and improve your sleep-wake cycle. Meditating every day can help you get your recommended 8 hours of sleep easily which in turn boosts your productivity and reduces feelings of exhaustion and fatigue.DM Williams Spiritual Top Benefits of Meditation

Meditation helps with Addiction: Whether it’s an addiction to food, drugs, and substances or even your phone, meditation can help curb your cravings and suppress your impulses to seek out your poison. Meditation promotes discipline and self-control and it has been used in many rehabilitation centers to help addicts overcome their dependence on substances and control withdrawal symptoms. If addicts take time to meditate every day, they’ll notice a marked improvement in self-awareness and a decrease in aggressiveness. With time, in addition to other practices and the mental adjustment that comes with frequent meditation, many people who have addictive tendencies will notice that they lose their urgent desire for that thing they constantly crave.

Meditation can help with Pain Management: For those who suffer from migraines, or have illness accompanied by chronic pain, meditating often can help ease this pain. While meditation may not exactly help reduce the pain you feel, it can alter the way your brain interprets feelings and sensitivity to pain so that it makes it more bearable and easier on your body. Meditation encourages you to reduce your responses to how you feel and simply observe the feeling from a distance. This comes in handy with pain management and in combination with medication, patients who experience a lot of pain can find relief.

Mental & Physical Health Benefits of Meditation

If you’re not a meditator yet, it’s not too late to start. One of the best things about meditation is that it can be done anywhere, at any time. You can start by taking short 5 minutes meditation sessions throughout the day. Simply stop, find a comfortable spot, breathe and relax. You can find helpful guides or apps on how to meditate online and even join communities to share your experience with others. With time, you’ll learn what styles suits you best. Over time, you may even be able to help everyone around you start meditating too.