The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps, you may own one yourself or this might be the first time you’re hearing the name. Either way, hang tight because in this article, we’re going to explore the science of salt lamps and shed some light – pun intended – on how they work.

Purifying the air you breathe

Salt lamps are hygroscopic, that’s just a fancy word for “water-attracting”. So if you were to leave a salt lamp in a moist room you’d quickly notice that the lamp starts dripping water like a cold glass of water. While the air in the room may become slightly drier.

You may be thinking, what’s the benefit in that? Water vapour droplets in the air can trap dust and pollen particles. So if a salt lamp is drawing them in it’s also drawing in those particles which stick to the lamp.

Having 2 or 3 salt lamps in a room constantly can help prevent seasonal pollen allergies, as well as reduce transmission of the common flu during winters. However, it’s important to remember that salt lamps must be kept in rooms that aren’t too humid such as bathrooms, otherwise they will constantly be wet.

In order to get the most out of your salt lamp, it’s recommended to keep your salt lamp on 24/7, or as long as possible. Here’s why…

Say yes to negative ions!

When a salt lamp is turned on, something peculiar happens. The water that it is collecting at the surface is evaporated back into the air due to the heat of the salt, which is warmed from the incandescent bulb inside.

So bulb heats salt, salt evaporates the moisture that it collects. This evaporation creates negative ions and negative ions, are wonderful things. Several studies have shown that negative ions can reduce anxiety and depression in a high enough concentrations.

Ever stood next to a waterfall, or under a rolling thunder clouds with the smell of rain? That thrilling, relaxing feeling is partly because waterfalls and rain clouds produce lots of negative ions.

When using salt lamps, it’s best to keep them on so the negative ion’s build up over time and create those same relaxing feelings in your home.

Relaxation through color therapy

Another clear win for salt lamps. Studies have already shown that the “sunset” spectrum of colours is naturally soothing and regulates our circadian rhythm (our sleep cycle). Whereas blue light from mobile phones and tablets does the opposite!

The colors of a salt lamp are exactly in the same spectrum of sunsets. With their orange pink hue they make excellent night lights. Meditation, yoga and spa’s can all benefit from the ambience of salt lamps.

How to tell if your salt lamp is Authentic

Not all salt lamps are made equal! Unfortunately a lot of salt lamps are poorly made and resold through China and India, while being mixed with fake salt lamps and low quality salt.

If you happen to be the unsuspecting victim of a less than authentic salt lamp, you may well experience no benefits, or worse put yourself in danger by using a potentially flammable lamp! Authentic salt lamps will always be “made in Pakistan”, so be sure to look for that mark before you decide to buy one.

Salt lamps can be a great addition to your lifestyle, with proper usage and maintenance they can last for years! Hopefully this article has shed some light on how you can do just that.


Eddie G

The Salt Lamp Shop