Integrated Energy Therapy Philadelphia, PA

Integrated Energy Therapy Sessions are a hands-on, safe and gentle way to release energy blockages which can cause imbalance and even disease in your body. Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) promotes healing in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves and greatly compliments other healing practices and medical care.

The focus of IET is to clear suppressed cellular memories and emotions from the energy anatomy and our energy field. It is based on a cellular memory map in which 9 main areas of the energy anatomy are identified as storing suppressed emotions. During integrated energy therapy sessions, these areas are targeted, using specific hand positions, in order to clear the cellular memory.

What is an Integrated Energy Therapy Session?

An Integrated Energy Therapy session with DM Williams Spiritual Healing is a quick and powerful way to clear energy blockages in the 9 sets of Integration Power Points. When activated by the IET energy vibration trigger, these acupressure-like points quickly & easily release suppressed cellular memories and emotions. IET allows you to release these suppressed feelings without having to relive the painful or stressful moments.

During integrated energy therapy sessions, healing energy is directed into specific areas of the body through various gentle hand placements. The energy helps to clear blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the client’s body. You’ll experience a deep state of relaxation and leave feeling rejuvenated and stress free. Best of all, you won’t have to spend days processing and reliving any suppressed trauma or stress – it is cleared immediately in the IET session. Many people feel lighter and have a new sense of inner peace. IET is a great experience for people of all ages, even pets!

Stress Management & Healing Sessions Philadelphia

Many of my past clients have referred to integrated energy healing sessions as transformative. They are no longer burdened by negative energy or weighed down by fear, frustration and sadness. After an IET session, you’re left with a natural feeling of freedom and happiness. Suddenly, with a newly balanced energy system, clients have a renewed zest for life!

Integrated energy therapy sessions are one of my most highly effective spiritual healing services. As a professional energy healer and psychic medium, I have mastered the art of integrated energy. Using my natural healing gift, I am here to help you fix connections broken by karmic obstructions. With a therapy session with DM Williams Spiritual Healing, I can help you eliminate internal strife and clear the way for peace. Schedule an appointment at my Philadelphia office today to take the first step at energy healing.

Integrated Therapy Session Rate: 

1/2 Hour $50

45 Mins  $75

60 Mins  $90