Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Are you feeling stuck in life – whether in your job, relationships, or spiritual journey?

We all go through phases in life where we feel lost, confused, doubtful, or anxious about our circumstances, experiences, goals, life purpose, or spirituality. We often feel like we have great ideas, but are afraid to make the wrong decision and avoid taking a step forward. Sometimes we just have so many questions or doubts as to how to proceed in our situation, that we need a spiritual mentor and intuitive guidance to help lead the way to clarity, progress and transformation.

This is where I come in. Using my intuitive abilities, I will help you to find clarity and inner peace on your personal path. As you present to me your current questions and challenges, I connect with your energy, my spirit guides, your spirit guides, and the Divine to uncover the answers, suggestions and guidance to help shift your consciousness and open the doors for your highest good to come pouring through into your life, allowing you to free yourself, expand and manifest your dreams and goals.

While I am here to provide intuitive guidance, please keep in mind during your session that I am not a “mind-reader” or a “fortune teller”. Please be open and comfortable to receive the best possible outcome from your session.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your spiritual journey! Besides intuitive guidance sessions in my Bensalem, PA office, I also offers a variety of other spiritual healing services as a psychic medium. Join me for spiritual mediumship classes or Reiki/Energy Healing. If you’re interested in honing in on your own spiritual abilities, I offer regular classes in Reiki and Mediumship Development.



Deposit of $50 Is REQUIRED.