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Becoming a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

Reiki is one of the most sophisticated forms of healing, originating in the Japanese tradition and exploring the use of energies on our own bodies. In an era where people are increasingly worried about their health and are focusing on improving their overall wellness, the Reiki healing focuses on harnessing the body’s energy through the use of the healer’s hands, channeling energy and heat on the places that need attention.

In their essence, the Reiki healing classes teach potential practitioners how to stimulate biomagnetic flowing through the body – with that promoting the healing and lessening the stress. Through proper anatomy, kinesiology, psychology and other energy-related subjects, the students are learning everything about Reiki healing and learn how to become Reiki practitioners with a special focus on the seven “subtle bodies” or energy zones found in the different parts of the body, which produce energies that create the aura.

Even though many link the art of Reiki healing to massage and acupuncture, the entire philosophy is quite distinctive. However, what everyone needs to know is the fact that the art of Reiki is different in many courses. Becoming a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner is open to anyone and is basically an entry-level course that allows the practitioners to connect to the universal life force energy which flows from the Cosmos through the crown of the head, connected down to the heart and hands.

We have talked about the importance and popularity of Reiki healing, as one of the traditional Japanese forms of holistic medicine which has gained traction in the 21st century. For all of the people interested in establishing yourself in the Reiki healing community and becoming a Level 1 Reiki practitioner, DM Williams Spiritual Healing class is the first step that you need to consider.

The Reiki Practitioner class includes:


● Level 1 Attunement

● The History and principles of Reiki

● Basics of Japanese culture

● Auras, Chakras & Human Energy System

● The benefits of Reiki

● Hand positions for self-Reiki

● Perform a Reiki session from start to finish

● And much more


There are a lot of Reiki Teachers that emphasize the importance of this first level, encouraging students to better understand Reiki in its form thereby working through their own obstacles. The Reiki Level 1 is usually taught in one single attunement, mainly focusing on the energy that is spread through the Reiki, including the tingling, coolness or heat sensations as well as the history of the traditional healing practice, the hand placements and the self and group practice to ensure that it is properly understood by everyone.

This class includes a manual and certificate of completion. No experience is needed to take this course. The reiki practitioner Class will run from 10am-6pm. There will be an hour lunch break. Everybody has a unique journey; we suggest you bring a notebook and a pen as well as your smile to make this an awesome class you will always remember! Now is the right time to tap into your ‘trapped’ spirit – and explore the practice of Reiki while opening up of your spiritual healing abilities. For more information on this course and a chance to take part in it, contact us today!

Rate: $135.00

Class is limited to 6 students.