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Reiki Master Level 3 Practitioner

The energies that becomes available to us and focusing on the practices in more detail. As such, becoming a Reiki Master can be an ongoing process that continuous personal growth (aside from professional) and one that is usually taught more knowledgeable and experienced people in this industry.

Obviously, this level opens a lot of new opportunities for the potential Reiki Masters. Besides the potential to heal virtually all illnesses, it also focuses on spreading love, joy, peace, compassion, wisdom, abundance and even more as some of the main qualities of the Reiki treatments. During the course, a lot of the practitioners realize that they are especially apparent when they feel completely cared for and become aware of the wonderful possibilities that can come from within.

Becoming A Reiki Master Means Connecting With Reiki On A Deeper Level

In a way, becoming a Level 3 Reiki Master is the part which connects the Reiki Practitioners to the actual healing art on a deeper level, overwhelming them with optimism and the confident understanding that all challenges in life can be met and that our lives can be a glorious experience.

The Japanese name for the Level 3 Reiki Master is Shinpiden which literally means “Mystery Teaching.” According to experts, the mystery which is spoken of is the mystery of God’s love, wisdom as well as power – expressed as a mystery since God has no boundaries and all the attributes including wonder, beauty and grace extend far beyond our ability to comprehend.

The Master Symbol also means that the Reiki energy is distributed on a deeper level, taught from an experience source and distributed through the proper sources within the body. When it comes to personal growth, there are many new possibilities and insights that offer experiences of joy, security and peace for the practitioner

In the end, becoming a Level 3 Reiki Master means embracing Reiki as a guide in many ways, distributing its healing power in a more beneficial way and being able to heal more deeply. At the same time, it also guides you to other healing techniques or more advanced levels – which is the Reiki Teacher as explained in another article on our website.

This class includes:

● Attunement to the Reiki Master symbol and understanding of its energy and uses

● Advanced healing techniques including psychic surgery and incorporating crystals into your session

● Giving your first session as a Reiki Master

This class includes a manual and certificate of completion. Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 experience is needed to take this course. The Class will run from 10am-6pm. There will be an hour lunch break. Everybody has a unique journey; we suggest you bring a notebook and a pen as well as your smile to make this an awesome class you will always remember!

Now is the right time to tap into your ‘trapped’ spirit – and explore the practice of Reiki Master while opening up of your healing abilities to the next level. For more information on this course and a chance to take part in it, contact us today!



Deposit of $50 is REQUIRED.

Class is limited to 6 students.