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Reiki Teacher Classes in Jenkintown PA:

Becoming a Reiki Teacher is the last level and the most advanced one yet. As such, the Reiki Teacher Classes level is considered a level in which the practitioners learn how to transmit the received energy and knowledge and therefore attune new Reiki practitioners. This level aligns with the Japanese healing art which focuses on spreading the practice to as many people as possible.
Becoming A Reiki Teacher: A Deep Commitment To The Reiki Practice:

Many experts believe that the teacher level of Reiki is the most challenging, especially for the practitioners who want to build a successful Reiki career. Also, many believe that significant time should pass between achieving the third level status and the Reiki Teacher level.

Since the Master Level is taught in a wide range of methods (such as the Practitioner level), there are many different organizations of the Reiki practice. However, what’s most definite is the fact that Reiki Teachers differ from simple Practitioners or Masters – mainly in their ability to transmit the knowledge and wide variety of practices and methods – to other students.

For this part, finding a teacher with vast experience and ability to teach you the main principles of becoming a Reiki Teacher is of paramount importance – and what actually makes a difference between being a Reiki Master and a Reiki Teacher.

Becoming a Reiki Teacher is one of the most serious steps through the practice – and one that must be preceded by some necessary preparation. Obviously, one has to take the Reiki Practitioner (Level 1), Practitioner (Level 2) and Reiki Master classes before embarking on such experience and supporting the healing practice on another level.

It is also necessary for Practitioners and Masters to be experienced in the practice before starting a Reiki career as a teacher. If you have a sincere desire to help others and have taken the time to prepare to teach, you should have no trouble to apply for this class and achieve a new milestone in your Reiki career.

The Reiki Teacher Classes include:

● Guidance on starting a professional Reiki business

● How to train and attune others to become Reiki practitioners

The Reiki teacher classes includes a manual and certificate of completion. Reiki Practitioner Level 1, Reiki Practitioner Level 2 and Reiki Master is needed to take this course. The Class will run from 10am-6pm. There will be an hour lunch break. Everybody has a unique journey; we suggest you bring a notebook and a pen as well as your smile to make this an awesome class you will always remember!

Now is the right time to tap into your ‘trapped’ spirit – and explore the practice of Reiki while opening up of your healing abilities. For more information on this course and a chance to take part in it, contact us today!

Rate: $500.00

Deposit of $50 is REQUIRED.

Class is limited to 6 students.