Spiritual Mediumship

Are you missing a loved one in spirit and longing for reconnection? My spiritual mediumship services can help you reconnect with a loved one.

I am passionate about creating a world where meaningful change is cherished; a world where I can offer help so effusively to others, along their journeys in life and provide insight for better living. I am a spiritual medium and psychic medium, meaning I have the rare ability to connect with spirit from the “great beyond” and deliver their messages to you. I reconnect people with their loved ones that have passed to the other side.

You’ll be comfortable around me during every mediumship reading, knowing that you can trust me to prove the continuity of life, that our soul survives our body’s death. This means I can give you specific details from your loved ones. Fortunately, they give different but real validations that will help you recognize it’s them – things like what their personalities were like here on earth and unique experiences you both shared together.

Spiritual Meduimship: Confirmation of the afterlife

I do not choose these validations, your loved ones do! I hear when they communicate and they do so based on what they want to let you know and in a manner they want to, because they still possess a measure of “free will” even after they have crossed over. Spirits will give as much detail needed to let you know who is trying to communicate with you. Spirits of your loved ones will give you specific details about their lives.

Your loved ones in spirit want you to know that they are alive and well on the other side. While it is my intention that you experience a connection with the loved ones you hope to connect with, I cannot guarantee or force a specific spirit to come through who is not available. It is their choice and sometimes they are busy experiencing spiritual growth or fulfilling a duty in the spirit world.

Spirits may describe things like:

  • Their personality or character traits
  • How they passed
  • Shared memories/things you may have done or experienced together
  • Something they may be aware of that occured after their passing
  • Any messages they may have for you

*Please feel free to bring photos or objects that belonged to those you wish to connect with.

Your loved ones are waiting to hear from you! I am eager to help reunite you in spirit.



Deposit of $50 is REQUIRED.