Effortlessly Achieve Balanced Chakras

DM Williams Spiritual Healing Easy Tips for Balanced ChakrasThere are 7 main chakras, or energy centers, located throughout our bodies which receive and transmit energy. Each of the chakras associates to a specific part of our body and has their own unique purpose. It is imperative that the 7 chakras stay perfectly aligned in order to live the most peaceful, happy and vibrant life. When we are afflicted with negative thoughts, emotions and stressors, our chakras fall out of harmony. To ensure constantly balanced chakra alignment, DM Williams Spiritual Healing has provided 10 easy tips to follow.

10 Easy Tips for Balanced Chakras

Meditation. There are many well-known health benefits of meditation, from improving focus to pain management, as well as reducing stress. Practicing meditation for 5 minutes per day is an easy way to release tension and keep your chakras balanced. Simply find a calm, quiet place and sit for a few minutes in silence, breathing deeply and focusing at least 30 seconds to each chakra.

Creative Visualization. Add a deeper level to your daily meditation practice by adding creative visualizations. Once your mind has cleared all negative thoughts you open up room for visualizations that should represent joy and peace.

Balanced Diet. Maintaining a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and protein is essential to staying fit, healthy and aligned. But, in order to keep balanced chakras, you should also regularly consume foods that are the same color as the chakra that is off. For example, if your root chakra is not properly aligned, eat more red foods, such as tomatoes, watermelon and peppers.

Essential Oils. Whether used in conjunction with meditation, in diffusers around your home/office or applied directly to the body, essential oils can help to balance chakras. Common essential oils to promote balanced chakras include lavender, ginger, rosemary and rosewood.

Coordinate your Clothing. Similarly to eating foods associated with the chakra you need to realign, the same goes for the clothing colors you wear. To promote balance in your root chakra, wear a bright red shirt or a red pair of shoes.

Spend time in Nature. Absorb the powerful healing energy that comes from the earth by spending a few peaceful moments per week outside with nature. This could be a quick walk around the neighborhood, outdoor yoga, a 5-mile hike or sitting at the beach.DM Williams Spiritual Healing Balanced Chakras Tips

Practice Gratitude. Living a life focused on appreciation and gratitude allows you to open your chakras and attract more positive things into your world.

Affirmations. If positivity and gratitude don’t seem to easily come to light some days, remember to recite your affirmations. Invent your own as you see fit for your lifestyle, goals and chakra obstacles. Recite your affirmations daily while looking yourself in the mirror to inspire positivity and balance.

Chakra Healing Reiki. If you need some help on your path to healing, take part in a Reiki energy healing session with DM Williams Spiritual Healing. My Reiki energy healing classes include aura and chakra balancing to help you positively shift your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health and overall well-being. As a psychic medium and Reiki master, I help my clients & provide the tools needed for a journey to heal yourself, clear your energy & get a fresh start on a positive life path.

DM Williams Spiritual Healing 10 Tips Balanced ChakrasIET for Chakras. Integrated energy therapy is hands-on healing therapy aimed to release energy blockages that can cause chakra imbalances. It promotes healing in all areas of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

Professional Chakra Healing & Balancing in Bensalem, PA

There are many ways both professionally and on your own to achieve and maintain balanced chakras. DM Williams Spiritual Healing in Bensalem, PA provides a safe space for you to begin your journey to heal yourself and clear your energy. For more information about my psychic medium services, Reiki healing and more, call 267-523-5737. I look forward to helping improve your overall spiritual health and well-being.